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ABH Farms

Rock'n "h" Herefords

Most of the herd bulls we are using are home raised and we are very happy with the job they are doing. We have added an AI program to the breeding season. We are selected bulls with calving ease but have great performance when the calf hits the ground. We are still wanting to maintain the maternal strengths and udder quality that we have developed, not to mention structure and docility. 

Sires Used:

CRLY 45S Yahoo 104Y

TEEG 893U Bullseye 124Y

GHC C5 Exclusive 70Y

ANL C Har T100 Tahoe 86 ET 23B

SHF Manning W18 Z22

RVP W18 Check Mate Et 27C

Pictures of the herd bulls will be coming in the near future.