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ABH Farms

Rock'n "h" Herefords

It has been awhile since the website has been updated but we are back!! We feel we have a great set of bulls to offer and we are extremely happy with the replacement heifer pen. The bulls and females are chosen for structure, docility and udder quality of the dam. We feed them free choice hay and an oat-based grain ration with a complete mineral package that is a custom formula. The mineral package includes chelates to promote sexual development and better utilization of the mineral. The cattle are on a full vaccination program as well. Every bull in the pen is one we would use on our own purebred and commercial cows. Feel free to call anytime or drop in for a visit - the teapot is always on!!!

We are registered with the Verified Beef Production Plus program and have demonstrated conformance to sustainable on farm beef production practises.

We have demonstrated conformance with Canada's national on-farm food safety program through annual assessments. More information on the Verified Beef Production Plus program can be found at